2023 Vermont Organic Dairy Producers Conference

2023 Vermont Organic Dairy Producers Conference

NutriHarvest was proud to sponsor the 2023 Vermont Organic Dairy Producers Conference, a unique event that brought together a diverse group of dairy industry leaders and related agricultural experts, fostering collaboration and innovation in the field. NutriHarvest team showcased their range of organic fertilizers with great enthusiasm, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices to an audience of esteemed leaders and innovators.

2023 Vermont Organic Dairy Producers Conference
Thursday, March 9, 2023
Vermont State University Randolph Campus
124 Admin Dr, Randolph Center, VT 05061

Cover Photo: Participants at NutriHarvest's trade show booth

The organizers, The University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crops & Soils Program, started with a presentation on improved pasture management using satellite imagery with Organic Valley’s Dr. Greg Brickner, followed by a presentation on organic dairy farm management decisions with Sarah Flack, consultant, Jen Miller from NOFA-VT, and a few local farmers. The morning ended with research updates from UVM’s Heather Darby and Sara Ziegler.

NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizers

The afternoon included a presentation on managing high feed costs in 2023 with Bill Kipp, an independent dairy consultant, as well as hearing from UVM’s John Barlow on housing, bedding, and mastitis risk. UVM postdoctoral research fellow Bryony Sands shared her research on parasite management and the pasture ecosystem. Dr. Brickner will complete the day with a presentation on health issues during the grazing season.

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