NutriHarvest® Super Organic Fertilizers

They Do Much More Than Organic Fertilizers:

  • Boost Plant Growth

    Promoting healthy soil nutrients for growing all plant types (vegetables, flowers, fruits, crops, grasses, shrubs, trees, and more)

  • Clean Water

    Reducing nutrient runoff water pollution with fertilizers made of nutrients captured from organic wastewater streams

  • Support Pollinators

    Improving the wellbeing of pollinators and preserving biodiversity with soil amendments that are chemical-free

  • The Future is Here: The Ultimate Organic Fertilizer

    Imagine a world where our farms flourish without harming the natural waterways, where our waters run clear, and where each step in agriculture actually helps to heal the Earth. That dream is fast becoming a reality with a game-changing organic fertilizer – one that's crafted not just to nourish our crops, but to save our waters too! Nourish the Earth and Flourish tm

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NutriHarvest®, Where Earth Care Meets Plant Care

Super Organic, High-Growth, and High-Quality!

  • Tested and Trusted by Growers

    NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizers have been rigorously tested and proven to boost crop yields. Independent field trials have demonstrated that NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizers outperform the leading commercial brand fertilizer product on the market. For more information, see the 'Inspiration' section in the top menu. We provide our best solution for your plant growth needs.

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From Our Customers' Gardens

See what our community of plant enthusiasts have grown with their favorite NutriHarvest® products


Healthy Plants

"Great product. Plants look healthy and productive. No smell and recommend to anyone. Supporting farmers, cleaning water and growing healthy plants all in one package."

- Mike L.

Purchased from Home Depot


Magic for Flowers

"This fertilizer made my flowers brighter and more vibrant. It was easy to put in the garden and now it is part of my gardening routine. It made my family happy and visitors smile."

- Donald

Purchased from NutriHarvest Online Store

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