2019 Nursery and Landscape Show: NutriHarvest Team's Successful Participation

2019 Nursery and Landscape Show: NutriHarvest Team's Successful Participation

Explore how the NutriHarvest team shared their expertise on organic fertilizer product of nutrient recovery with vendors and visitors at the recent Nursery and Landscape Show, focusing on sustainable cultivation of vegetables, flowers, botanicals, and herbs.


Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association Green Works

March 1-3, 2019

The NutriHarvest team made a notable appearance at the 2019 Nursery and Landscape Show, where they shared valuable information about their organic fertilizer with an enthusiastic audience. Committed to fostering eco-friendly gardening practices, NutriHarvest focused solely on educating vendors and visitors about the environmental and health benefits of using organic fertilizers for vegetables, flowers, botanicals, herbs, and more.

At the event, the team engaged in conversations with vendors from various sectors, including those specializing in vegetables, flowers, botanicals, and herbs. Through their informative sessions, NutriHarvest provided insights into the positive impact of organic fertilizers on plant growth and the environment, emphasizing the importance of nutrient recovery to reduce nutreint runoff pollution in the waterways and sustainable cultivation methods.

NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizers

Visitors to the show, ranging from professional landscapers to amateur gardeners, were curious to learn from the NutriHarvest team about the nutrient recovery potential of their organic fertilizers. NutriHarvest's participation in the Nursery and Landscape Show was a testament to the increasing demand for sustainable gardening solutions. By sharing their knowledge on new type of organic fertilizers that clean water, they played a pivotal role in educating the public about the benefits of embracing environmentally friendly practices in gardening and cultivation.

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