Sweet Corn: Agronomist-Tested NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizer

Sweet Corn: Agronomist-Tested NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizer

NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizers have been rigorously tested and proven to boost crop yields by independent growers. In fact, independent field trials have shown that NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizers outperformed the leading commercial brand fertilizer product in the market. Discover the Power of NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizer: A Breakthrough in Farming!

Field Trials: In the cornfield farm environment

In 2018 and 2019, one of the Northeast's leading University Extension program embarked on an exciting journey to test the effectiveness of NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizer against a well-known commercial brand and a control group without treatment.

Application rate: 100 lbs N ac-1
Planting date: 12-June
Harvest date: 26-August
Variety: Trinity F1
Seeds: 24,000 seeds per acre planted with a John Deere 1750 corn planter

The results? Remarkable!

Key Findings of the Field Trials:

  • Crop Yield: When it came to organic corn production, NutriHarvest® took the lead. The use of NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizer resulted in an impressive increase of 639 lbs per acre (about 11.4 bushels per acre), towering plant growth by 11 cm, and a substantial boost in harvest population by 2,323 plants per acre. This indicates not just higher yields but also more plant mass per acre!

  • Soil Health: Soil nitrate levels were consistent across the board, except for a notable date, June 19th. On this day, NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizer showed its true colors by releasing 45% less nitrate into the soil than traditional synthetic fertilizers. This highlights its slow-release feature, which is gentler on the earth.
  • Overall Performance: Despite these standout results, it's important to note that when comparing overall corn yield, plant height, population, and ear length across all three treatments (NutriHarvest®, the commercial brand, and untreated control), there were no significant differences. This suggests that NutriHarvest® matches or exceeds the performance of conventional options while offering the benefits of organic farming.

Why Choose NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizer?

NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizer is more than just a nutrient supplier; it's a step towards sustainable and productive farming. Its slow-release formula not only supports healthier soil but also promotes increased biomass, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to boost nitrogen, phosphorus, and magnesium levels in their crops without the environmental toll of synthetic fertilizers.

If you're looking to elevate your farming practices with a product that delivers on its promises, NutriHarvest® Organic Fertilizer might just be the solution you've been searching for. Embrace the organic revolution and witness the remarkable difference in your harvest today!

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